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Hudson River Greenway

Upper West Side and Morningside Heights, 99th to 125th St.

If you're not already on the greenway, you can access it by entering the lower level of Riverside Park at 99th Street, or 97th if you want to avoid the steps. Make a right (uptown) once in the park, then look for the path down to the underpass. It's to the right in the photo below.

Underpass to greenway

We'll head north on this tour. The next exit point from the greenway is 125th Street in Harlem, so I'll include both the Upper West Side (99th-110th) and Morningside Heights (110th-125th) on this tour.

Upper West Side Greenway

Route along the Hudson River Greenway, Upper West Side

Arches by railroad tracks

Riverside Park consists of three levels from 72nd-125th: The greenway next to the Hudson River; the middle level, built over Amtrak railroad tracks (which lie behind the arches shown here); and the upper level, which separates lower Riverside Drive (a sort of parkway with few traffic lights) from upper Riverside Drive, a narrow drive with residential buildings facing the river.

Hudson River path in summer

Hudson River path in spring

View of Fort Lee

View of Fort Lee, New Jersey

Church tower from greenway

Riverside Church tower in the fall

Close-up of Riverside Church tower and one of Columbia University's buildings in Morningside Heights

Wall by 125th street exit

This wall is the approach to the 125th Street exit. If you want to coninue around the island, take the detour at 125th and travel under the roadway. You'll get back to the greenway and into the park at 135th.

Upper West Side, Tour 2

1. Mostly B'way, 96th-110th 2. Straus Park 3. Street Fair
4. 96th-110th West of B'way 5. Riverside Park, 97th-113th 6. Morningside-Riverside
7. Morningside Hts-B'way 8. St. John the Divine 9. Morningside Park
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