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Times Square, 42nd Street
Theater District

Getting Around in Manhattan: Times Square is one block west of Bryant Park. It's a block east of the Port Authority Bus Terminal and four blocks west of Grand Central Station. Fifth Avenue is the dividing point between "east" and "west" streets, so blocks to the east of Fifth Avenue are numbered E. 42nd, E. 43rd St., etc., while blocks to the west are numbered W. 42nd etc. Grand Central is east of Fifth Avenue, so Grand Central is on East 42nd, while Times Square is on West 42nd.

42nd Street

This block between 7th Ave. (Times Square) and 8th Avenue is the fabled 42nd street.


Broadway and 7th Avenue crisscross at 45th Street, creating triangle islands for several blocks when intersected by cross streets. This is north of Times Square. "The New York Times" once occupied the little triangle at Times Square, and still has its offices less than two blocks away.

Forty-Second Street

North of 42nd Street

Times Square

Back at Times Square facing 42nd Street. Madam Tussaud's Wax Museum is in this block, as are some theaters with live entertainment.

Port Authority Bus Terminal corner

42nd Street from near 8th Avenue, the other end of the block.

AMC movie theater, New York

An AMC movie theater on 42nd Street near 8th Avenue has 25 screens, and the Regal E-walk across the street is also a multi-plex.

Theater District

A couple blocks north of 42nd Street. The theater district runs from about 40th Street to the mid-Fifties. The majority of the theatres are between 7th and 8th Avenue.

Broadway shows

West 45th Street

Broadway Theaters

Broadway Theatres

Seventh Avenue, New York

Seventh Avenue

camera art

North of Times Square


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