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Central Park
Flowering Trees, The Mall, Literary Walk
65th to72nd, east-middle section

Bicycling in Central Park

To the left (out of sight) is the Literary Walk and Mall; we'll come back here soon, but we can't miss these wonderful flowering trees and bushes. See the purple bush?

Azalea bush

It's big! It's near East 66th Street by the north-south drive.

Flowering trees in Central Park

Spring in Central Park

Enjoying Central Park

Bikers in Central Park

Daffodils near Fifth Avenue

Cherry and apple blossoms

Looking back from the east side's north-south drive.

Central Park east drive


Magnolia trees

There are magnolias and crabapple and cherry trees here.

Apple trees

One of my favorites

beautiful trees

Balto sled dog

This statue of Balto, a tribute to sled dogs that helped combat epidemics with medicine deliveries, is just east of the red brick Willowdell Arch (E. 67th). Let's return to the Literary Walk and Mall, which begins where we crossed the road coming from the Carousel.

Central Park promenade

The Mall is a very wide promenade that runs from 66th Street to 72nd Street near the east-west center of the Park. This circle leads to it.

Christopher Columbus

The Literary Walk: Many statues and busts line the Mall. Most are authors, but as you can see, there are other famous men too, including Christopher Columbus.

William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare

Central Park Mall

The Mall

Literary Walk

These fences were put up before the New York City Marathon. The Parks Department is also trying protect the elm trees here.

Ludwig van Beethoven bust

Near 71st is my favorite, Ludwig van Beethoven. He's next to the band shell.

Naumburg band shell

Naumburg Band shell

Maple trees

Maple and a bust to the right of it

pillar with bird

We've reached the end of the Mall. Restrooms are below, and the Bethesda Fountain, Terrace and Lake are across the road, which joins E. 72nd and W. 72nd.

Central Park, Tour 1

1. Grand Army Plaza 2. The Pond 3. Skating Rink
4. The Zoo 5. The Dairy, Carousel 6. You are here. The Mall
7. Bethesda Fountain 8. Conservatory Water 9. Alice in Wonderland
10. The Ramble 11. Belvedere Castle 12. Hernshead
13. The Lake 14. Cherry Hill 15. Sheep Meadow, The Maine

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